Goodwill finds

My friend and I went to goodwill yesterday and found a couple things to add to my wardrobe. The store is suppose to be the upscale stuff that Goodwill finds that doesn’t make it into their normal stores. We paid $5 to attend the “fashion show” where there were suppose to be models, talks, etc. We were disappointed when all they had was water and cookies. Don’t get me wrong, I love cookies. The store was very well laid out for a Goodwill store. The merchandise was sectioned into sizes and category with one big room for shoes and purses! Yes!

The two purses I purchased were half off. Ended up with the purses and an antique FILA scarf for $31 + the $5 for entrance. So, we paid $5 to shop the store. Hmmm…may re-think this next time. Will definitely go back at some point.

2 purses and one scarf for $31



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