Outfits for a Mexico vacation

My husband and I recently went to Mexico for a long weekend. 

I bought way too many clothes and will return the ones I don’t need. In this pursuit of the perfect outfits I narrowed it down to a few options. To be honest, I ended up not wearing some of it, which is totally typical of me. I always over pack and have never been able to get into just a carry on. Even if it’s only a long weekend trip. 

Shoes are another struggle. For one thing, I have way to many of them. Plus trying to narrow it down when I have lots of favorites is so hard. Funny thing is I totally forgot my tennis shoes. Usually, I am pretty organized with packing, but for some reason I couldn’t focus and was all over the place. Guess I was too excited about our trip. 

We had a great time! We went to Puerto Vallarta and it’s very hot in August but beautiful. The mountains surrounding the bay were breathtaking. The beach was a little rocky and we had to go purchase water shoes. We have water shoes at home. Oh well, guess we will have extras for guests. 

Most of the outfits I put together are pretty simple and you should be able to replicate them. Target was a frequent store and I found $10 shorts and $10 shoes.

Coverup: Von Maur a couple years ago, tank: TJ Maxx, shorts: Target, shoes: Target

Romper: Nordstrom, tank: old, shoes: Target

Hat: Von Maur last year, dres: Target

Hat: Von Maur last year, tank: Target, shorts: Target, shoes: TJ Maxx

Coverup: TJ Maxx, swim suit: Target, hat: TJ Maxx couple years ago


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