This weeks loves: Dec 1

Here are my favorite things this week. When I thought about this weeks favs I wanted to include things I use a lot as well as things I would like to use a lot. Some are new and some are old. 

I just picked up this scarf from Macy’s and I love it. I picked up another one but not sure if I will keep this one or the other one. I guess one of them could be gifted. It has black and white plaid on the other side. Which is pretty cool that you could use it several different ways. Hmmmm…. Maybe I’ll gift the other one and keep this one.

Red scarf from Macy's

The candle I picked up at TJ Maxx and it’s very sophisticated. Love the glass polka dots. It smells nice too.

The black jar is Nectifirm. About a year ago I had a facial appointment. She mentioned my crepy neck. I really didn’t notice my crepy neck before that. unfortunately, I started looking and she was right. My neck is starting to show my age! Ahhh! So I purchased this from her and wow! I saw results instantly. Recently I ran out and about a week later my crepy neck came back. So I had to order a jar online. I’ve tried Strevectin neck cream but I think it made me break out. This stuff doesn’t effect my sensitive skin. I would highly recommend it if you are worried about your neck. Revision skincare Nectifirm.

Nectifirm and Estée Lauder radiant UV base

I’ve been more conscious about skin damage last ten years. One product I won’t go without is SPF on my face and neck. If I’m out in the bright sun in water in the summer I will use a more potent version. For the fall and winter I like using this Estée Lauder version. It gives the most beautiful glow to the skin. I’ve used it when exercising outside as the only thing I use. Its also good as a primer before foundation. It seems to keep the skin dewy. With SPF of 50 it’s a safe bet. It’s pretty expensive as it has some skin helping elements like a serum would have. I only use it on my face and use a cheaper SPF I get at Target on my neck and arms, everywhere else.  Estée Lauder Radiant UV Base with SPF 50.

Last year I received a Bite beauty dual lipstick. But, they didn’t make anymore until this year. I was so excited to find out they made a few holiday versions. This one is Bronze (kinda metallic) on one side and Pepper on the other. The other one I bought was Fig on one side and Rose Gold on the other. Both are so beautiful. I bring them on trips and keep it in my purse at all times. My old one is Fig on one end and Date on the other (they don’t have that version this year). The Fig is a nice medium intensity pink color. The pepper (in picture) is a browny rose color. Very muted and gorgeous as a nude! I actually have been using the metallic sides (Bronze and Rose Gold) over other lipsticks I own. They are very creamy and if your lips get dry you may like these. I absolutely love love love these!

 Bite beauty dual lipstick

The last item is the purse. What can I say, a little bit rock and roll. I love this purse but am always very picky where I take it. I may losen up a bit later, but really want to keep it in pristine condition. It stays in a dust bag on the shelf. I’ve taken it out only a few times so far. So pretty though! I picked this up at Von Maur. Hammitt.

Hammitt purse

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