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I’m a I’m a Cool Girl

This post is dedicated to every cool girl out there.

My cool girl inspiration can come from anywhere. I’m a creative so the more outlets the better. The more choices I find the more I get inspired. I recently came across a youtuber who posted a video of her styling outfits to the “I’m a Cool Girl” song by Tove Lo. You may have heard of her Shay Mitchell of Pretty Little Liars.

If you haven’t seen this video I encourage you to go look at it now.

It’s her winter look book. If you are passionate about fashion and pretty people like me you will not be disappointed. The filming style is tight. She is done up perfect. The way she moves to the song is incredibly smooth and she definitely says “I’m a cool girl”. I’ve got a bit of a girl crush.

I also love love love that song. It’s one of those moments when the fashion and song come together and you say I LOVE THIS VIDEO!

I am so inspired by this I think I watched it a bunch times. It made me feel like I really am not that cool. I mean, compared to this video I’m not even registered in coolness. I love watching really good filming and productions that humble you.

Below is my take and opinions on how to be a cool girl. Am I the expert? Hell no. I strive to be cool but often fall short. I admire so many women who embody cool vibes, cool outfits, and cool personalities.

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What does it mean to be cool?

It means, in my opinion, to be authentic and rich with life. You live your life your way. Nobody should be in your way of you feeling good about yourself. There is a bit of confidence that comes with being cool. That doesn’t mean you have to push it on someone. You should reserve your coolness in knowing you believing you are cool is the only satisfaction you need.

When you start talking about your coolness is when you start shadowing your identity with self ego. Too much ego is not cool. Tame your ego by being quiet about you. I often faulted in this area. I usually get really excited about something I’m doing or discovered and push my thoughts on others. Maybe that’s why I started this blog. To have a voice to those who wish to hear it.

Anyways, cool isn’t about boasting it’s about being humble. You can have pride, but when it becomes less cool is when you decide your opinions and beliefs are better then others. Don’t be the big downer in your friend group, try shutting your mouth, be quite and listen. That’s cool. We all can agree we like people who listen to what we have to say. So be that kind of cool girl.

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Cool is a state of mind.

I believe it’s a state of mind. If you feel cool most likely others will view you as being cool. Coolness comes from within. Think of it this way. If you wake up feeling like shit and you go to work still feeling like you got ran over by a truck most likely you won’t exude any coolness.

You need to feel it. Good morning affirmations can help. I often use Louise Hay’s affirmations. Here are some of her affirmations for you to try. The trick is to say one or two 5 times in the morning. You need to put some emphasis on how you feel when saying them. Feel the powerful words overcome you. Believe what you are saying to yourself. Then go about your day and see the difference it makes in how others treat you.

  • I love every cell in my body
  • My self esteem is high because I honor who I am
  • I love myself just the way I am
  • I am beautiful and everybody loves me

You can be cool at anytime.

Do you think the coolest person you know is cool everyday? Probably not. Everyone has their moments of coolness. Your coolness could come out when speaking to a child with love and respect. As within so without.

It doesn’t mean just because you dress in the most trendy outfit and BOOM, you are cool. Yes, maybe that works on the surface but wouldn’t you want every part of your being to convey your unique coolness? I’m talking only for bits and pieces of your day. I think it’s unrealistic to expect to be cool everyday every hour. But if you look at your life most likely you have times you have been pretty cool.

Honor those moments. Maybe it’s you helping someone in a small unique way that is unexpected and not ask for anything in return. That would be cool. Or maybe you figured out a way to wear an item of clothing or jewelry you received from someone that you didn’t care for. Making the item cool within your outfit. Maybe you went out of your way to say something nice to someone knowing they are having a bad day. That would be cool.

Below are some cool girl outfits I’ve found.

This list is to inspire you to have confidence, grace, attitude, and quiet presence as you make yourself over cool.

gray tailored peg pants, strappy heels, white t-shirt, tan trench coat


gray shift dress, gray winter jacket, pink purse


black leather mini skirt, stripped button up shirt, black turtleneck


skinny jeans, leopard loafers, white blazer, black and white stripped shirt

Source: Pinterest. I think this is But not sure. I found on pinterest and the link went to some weird place.


black skinny jeans, leopard boots, black leather jacket

Source: Riches for Rags post on Pinterest

ripped skinny jeans, gray tank top, black leather boots, silver details on boots

Source: Pinterest

black ankle jeans, black pumps, black dress, belted dress, dress, black leather purse, bag


black jeans, gray sweater, white button up, black purse, black flat shoes


jeans, red boots, gray duster jacket, black turtle neck shirt, cool sun glasses, sunnies


boyfriend jeans, black boots, black lace shirt, leopard belt, french style


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  1. Jen
    February 9, 2017

    Thank you for the suggestion. I embedded Shay Mitchell’s youtube video in my article.


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