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How to Style Multi Colored Scarfs

Scarfs are a staple in fashion and can save you loads of time getting ready in the morning. Multi-colored scarfs can be tricky but with these 5 tips you can master wearing scarfs with many colors.

I live in the midwest where cold weather is so cold your nose hairs freeze going from you front door to your car door. You can imagine what happens to your skin if you expose it to that kind of cold for longer than a few minutes.

For us midwesterners, scarfs are not only a fashion statement, but a reality “I don’t want my freeze my F*n neck off” kind of moments. So finding the right kind of scarf for your weather conditions is utmost importance. Unless you live in California where you can wear it for fashion.

So lets get into the tips.

  1. Think in terms of 1 to 2. One color and 2 neutrals. For instance yellow as the color, and gray and black as the neutral. Pink as the color and black and off white as the neutral.

    yellow black gray scarf

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  2. Keep your shirt solid. Its hard to pull off multi-colored scarfs and multi-colored shirts. Best to stay clear of any weirdness that results in mixing patterns and put on a solid shirt. The more colors your scarf has the more neutral you should go. 3 or more scarf colors you should wear white, black, or gray shirt.
    maroon scarf

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  3. Pull out one color and wear that as your shirt. When you want to be more daring you can pull out one color in the scarf to wear as your shirt. Solid again is the way to go. This scarf and solid shirt pairing from is really beautiful.
    red shirt, multi-colored scarf, scarf


    green shirt, multi-colored scarf, scarf, fall scarf, winter scarf

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  4. Be more daring by wearing a pattern shirt. This is only if you are extra confident in pattern mixing. For example, if you wear pink, gray, and black scarf, you can wear a gray patterned shirt. Only shades of gray.
    multi-colored scarf, pink scarf, gray scarf, gray stripped shirt

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  5. Amp it up by wearing a patterned scarf and patterned shirt. This is not for the wall flower. You should feel confident in wearing these 2 together. The rule of thumb is wear a large pattern in scarf and small pattern in shirt or vice versa. Here is an example from
    stripped navy dress, multi-colored scarf, green jacket

    Source: Pinterest

    multi-colored scarf, scarf, yellow scarf, gray scarf, stripped shirt


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