Styling a Maroon Blazer

Maroon is one of those basics everyone should have in their closet. I picked up this blazer at Jcrew awhile back. It’s a jersey material and is so comfortable. When wearing it today at work i received a few compliments. Funny thing is a few of us had maroon on today and we all joked that we planned it. Funny how that works when you work in a close group. 

The thing is, maroon is a “safe” color when you are too scared to wear red. It’s easy on the eyes and you don’t stick out a whole bunch. This is important at work. Not that I havn’t worn red to the office, but for some it could be too gutsy. In that case stick to maroon…anything. I have a belt, purse, pants, shirts, blazer, and shoes. 

I’m showing what I wore today. It’s super snowy here and boots were needed. It literally took me 40 minutes to get to work and I only live 5 miles away. 

Maroon blazer, Jcrew, work wear

Then I styled some other options. 

One is if you want to wear maroon to work. I get away with wearing jeans to work. I’m not customer and I don’t see the need to dress business professional. We are more business casual. You could also wear this with some black pants if your office has a strict dress code. 

Jeans: Loft

Blazer: Jcrew

Loafers: Delman

I just got the loafer shoes at TJMaxx. I’m not sure if I’ll keep them. I’m afraid to wear them in the snow. They are leather with cowhide on the top part. I love the pointy toes. I would have to wait to wear them when the weather calms down.  I actually have some slip on shoes that look very similarly I’ve had for years. They do seem classic and may not go out of style. Hmmm….I’ll have to think about it. I may wear them in the house to see if they have any slip in the heels. I seem to have that issue with flats. Either they are way too tight in the toes, or they slip in the heels.

Maroon blazer, black loafer, gray shirt, work wear, Delman shoes, Loft jeans, Jcrew blazer

The other one is switching out the shirt and shoes for date night after work. This sequin tank I’ve had for years. It’s really tight on me now and sort of see thru. I would have to layer it over another black tank. I don’t even know why I keep it. Maybe it’s the sequins. It’s so pretty to look at. Maybe I will sell it on one of those second hand sites. If I do I’ll come back and include the link. Anyways, maybe you have a black sequin shirt in your closet.

Sequin tank: Max Studio

Heels: BCBG

Maroon blazer, black loafer, sequin shirt, work wear, Loft jeans, Jcrew blazer

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Maroon blazer, outfit, gray skinny jeans, white button up, white shirt


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