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Top 10 Ways to Organize Your Beauty Products

I find the new year stirs up some deep desire to organize…well…everything in my house.

The place that I feel the most cluttered is my vanity. Now lets be honest here, when you have a lot of beauty products its hard to organize. Especially when you are like me, a chameleon, and like to try different products almost everyday. And lets be real, who has the time? I have a full time job, am a mother, and my husband works a lot of hours. This is basically a dream that my not ever come to reality. I dream of having a pretty presentation of beauty products when i enter my bathroom. Maybe you can get some inspiration with this list to organize just one thing in your bathroom or vanity table.

Start your new year out with organizing all those new beauty products you got for xmas. In 2017 make your life easier by arranging your brushes, perfume, and makeup with these unique and easy top 10 tips.

You can pick these up at any container type store. You can even find these at Target or Walmart in the kitchen area and the organization area. I have found cake stands at Homegoods and TJMaxx for fairly cheap. You could even go to a thrift second hand store and find some pretty containers.

  1. Use a small rack as a shelf for your pretty perfume bottles

    spice rack, perfume on spice rack, perfume bottles, perfume, pretty perfume bottles

    Source: Kathleen Kamphausen

  2. Display your favorite fragrance bottles on top of a cake stand

    cake stand, perfume on cake stand, perfume, pretty perfume bottles

    Source: Kathleen Kamphausen


  3. Store your beauty products on a rotating stand

    rotating stand, beauty products, stainless steel stand

    Source: Kathleen Kamphausen


  4. Use a mason jar to store your brushes

    mason jar, beauty brushes

    Source: www.glamour.com


  5. Display your nail polish in a pretty glass case

    brass and glass case, nail polish

    Source: stylecaster.com


  6. Use wire baskets to slot your eye shadow pallets

    wire basket, brass basket, makeup pallets, makeup brushes

    Source: Instagram – maddiesbeautyspot


  7. How about an apothecary jar for lip gloss

    apothecary jar, glass jar, vanity table

    Source: stylecaster.com


  8. Put hooks inside your cabinet door to store your curling irons.

    hooks, command hooks, curling iron, storage

    Source: www.redbookmag.com


  9. Use a decorative tray to showcase your perfume or makeup.

    marble tray, tray, perfume bottles

    Source: stylecaster.com


  10. LUX Stix Stand.

    I kinda like this. Mainly because you can see all of it. When you are in a hurry quickly recognizing an item is essential. www.luxboxes.com

    LUX boxes, beauty organization, lipstick holder, clear plastic organizer

    Source: www.luxboxes.com


  1. Cyndi
    October 4, 2017

    Where can I by the tiered vanity tray? It’s beautiful!

  2. Gretchen
    March 23, 2018

    I would really like to know where to purchase the 2 tiered tray – the big one, the first picture – loks wooden, maybe

  3. Ashley E
    April 29, 2018

    Where is the 2 tiered tray in the top picture from? I love it!!


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