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Hair Trends You can Wear Now: Top 5 for 2017

5 Gorgeous Hair Trends

Hair trends sometimes last quit a few years. These hair trends for 2017 are no exception. Some of these styles can be styled with non-washed hair days. This year you will want to make slight tweaks to your cut or style. Its all about making small changes not dramatic swings in hair attitude.

If you want something different, but are too afraid to make serious changes, then this list is for you. It sports simple style’s as well as color you can incorporate into your own colors for a bit of depth.

For most women your hair is what defines you. Don’t go out and put that purple stripe on your head. Instead, make the changes that enhance your cut. Going from straight line cuts to choppy is a good way to change it up. I’ve noticed a-line cuts are going more edgy. This give it a bit of a modern feel without going too far away from your original cut.

When you ask for something a bit simple as more edgy, or a bit of caramel color, you invite different without wondering if you are going to hate your hair after your stylist visit. So go ahead and be a bit bold. Remember you can always grow out a bang or color later on if you think you made a mistake.

Us older women will appreciate the 80’s perm look coming back. I get a bit giggly when thinking about it. Thats all i had was corkscrew looking curls in the 80’s. It was a bit messy back then. Looks like they have refined it nowadays. Sort of like the leggings. We all wore them in the 80’s, but when they brought it back its a bit refined and more edgy and modern. Same goes with these hair trends, some may look very familiar to us older gals.

I’ve collected some inspiration for 2017 hair trends that should give you a boost in the right direction. And remember, all ages can wear any of these styles.

  1. Half Up Bun
  2. I started styling the top half up bun a couple years ago and now its gotten very popular. I love to whip this one up on days i don’t have time to wash my hair. I put a bit of dry shampoo on the roots at the top, and were my hair will show in the back once its up. That also gives it a bit of grip and volume so you have enough to work with when styling the bun.

    Some of my favorite dry shampoos:

    Living Proof

    Batiste (dark brown but comes in regular as well)

    Big Sexy Hair (this is my all time favorite)

    top 5 hair trends 2017, hair trends, hair, half up bun, bun


    hair half up bun, hair trends, hair trends 2017


    half up bun, hair trends, hair trends 2017


  3. Asymmetric Bob
  4. The bob is so so classic. That style has been around for a very long time. I believe the asymmetric bob was seen in the 20’s all the way up to modern time. Now people are styling it many different ways.

    I had this style a couple years ago and loved it and might go back to this at some point. I like to use a big round brush to get the shape to curve in. If i want to curl it start with the closes hair to your face out, then alternate going to the back of the hair. So you have alternating in curls and out curls. The smaller the curling iron the closer they will look, the bigger the curling iron the fatter and looser they will look. Make it messy for a more modern feel.

    asymmetric bob, hair, hair trends 2017


    Asymmetric bob, hair trends, hair trends 2017
    asymmetric bob, hair trends, hair trends 2017


  5. Shaggy Bangs
  6. This is yet another style that has been around for awhile. Think of the 70’s bohemian. I love this natural easy looking style. Go for a longer bang to wear it different ways. No blunt cuts across here. It shouldn’t be even or forced. I would use a straightening iron and curve in while pulling out. That seems to tame most caliks.

    shag hair, long bangs, hair trends 2017


    shaggy bangs, bangs, hair trends, hair trends 2017


    shaggy bangs, bangs, long bangs, hair trends, hair trends 2017
  7. Caramel Highlights
  8. This highlight color is all over the place. You can definitely find a color for you. It brightens you up while providing a soft yet modern feel. I love the dark hair with caramel for a more dramatic look. Its easy to try this out on a few strands before you completely commit to all over highlights.

    caramel highlights, hair trends, hair trends 2017


    caramel highlights, hair trends, hair trends 2017


    caramel highlights, hair trends, hair trends 2017


  9. Cork Screw Curls
  10. Wow. What can i say. The 80’s perm is back. I loved getting a perm in the 80’s and love this new take on it. If you were not born with natural curls you may want to try this. You would need to use a bit of product so it won’t get frizzy. Frizzy is not in right now. Ask your stylist for the best products to use for your hair type. Using a diffuser blow dryer or a diffuser attachment is best.

    corkscrew hair, corkscrew curls, hair curls, hair trends, hair trends 2017


    corkscrew curls, curls, hair trends, hair trends 2017


    cork screw curls, cork screw hair, hair trends, hair trends 2017


    cork screw hair, cork screw curls, hair trends, hair trends 2017



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