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Top Valentine’s Day Pink Lipsticks

This is a list of my top Valentine’s Day pink lipsticks. Everything from date worthy bright pinks to subtle pinks to wear for work. To be honest the list has a couple I’ve barely worn. I like all of them and hope to rotate them into the spring season.

  1. Estee Lauder: #61 “Pink Parfait Shimmer”
  2. I love Estee Lauder lipstick and thinks its a great for the Top Valentine’s Day Pink Lipsticks list. This formula is so moisturizing. Its the perfect shade of rosy pink. I love the way it looks after you put it on in the car and look in your mirror. It shimmers in the sun! So pretty!

    Estee Lauder Pink Parfait Shimmer Lipstick, pink lipstick, Top Valentine's Day Pink Lipsticks

  3. City Chic: B2 “One Night Stand”
  4. City Chic’s bright pink is definitely a show stopper and worthy of the Top Valentine’s Day Pink Lipsticks. Its a beautiful bright rosey pink color. This is more sophisticated than the NYX and could be worn at work without anyone giving you that… look. You know what i mean, when us older women wear something bold and bright and all the office girls look at you like you are trying to look younger. Feel safe with this one. Just tone down the outfit. Don’t wear bright lips then wear something very trendy and bright as well. That could be over doing it at the office.

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  5. NYX: 521 “Chloe”
  6. This NYX lipstick is pretty bright. Wear this when you want to get noticed. Would be great out on a date when you feel extra feminine and want to strut your girl grooves.

    NYX pink lipstick, pink lipstick, lipstick, top lipsticks 2017, Top Valentine's Day Pink Lipsticks

  7. Bite Beauty: “Fig”
  8. I purchased this 2 in one from Sephora over the holidays. They have this one which is a travel size (comes with 2 travel sizes, one is “Fig” the other is “Meringue”. I may even pick these travel sizes up. So handy, plus it fits nicely in a clutch. I love their collection with one color on one end and another on the other end. The flip side has the color “Rose Gold” and warms it up a bit. I like to wear the pink color on its own. Bite Beauty lipsticks have to be one of my favorite lines. All their colors are to die for!

    Bit Beauty pink lipstick, pink lipstick, lipstick, top lipsticks 2017, Top Valentine's Day Pink Lipsticks

  9. Bad Medina: “Like No Other Invested Shimmer Lipstick”
  10. Just the name of the lipstick maker alone got me. I received this with one of my Glossybox monthly deliveries. If you don’t know Glossybox, please check it out. Makes me feel like a bad girl. This pink lipstick is very light and more on the nude side. If you are looking for something subtle this is it. No heavy makeup look, or a casual valentines day pink lipstick. Very creamy and so so pretty on. Would look good on most skin tones.

    Bad Medina lipstick, pink lipstick, pink nude lipstick, top lipsticks 2017, Top Valentine's Day Pink Lipsticks

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