Top Winter Outfits Recap 2017

Winter Is Almost Gone

We are almost at the end of winter and should rejoice. Right? Well, I too am very excited Spring is almost here. But, I love sweaters, scarfs, and boots.

I’m not ready to put away all the heavy thick clothes yet. Let’s be real, I live in a fairly cold climate, Spring isn’t coming anytime soon. Even if they say it does in a certain day. Here in Minnesota winter stretches past that Spring date by quit a bit.

Don’t let me depress you. Many of you are already wearing spring like clothes. I see many on Instagram sporting short sleeves and no jackets.

Some Bloggers Are Not Wearing Winter Friendly Clothes

Now I am pretty sure some bloggers are out there in the freezing cold taking pictures as fast as they can while in their Spring like clothes knowing it’s still winter.

These are people just like me who live in cold weather and try to keep up with all of you who live in warmer climates.

No. I’m not ready to hang up my hat yet. I see some bloggers are still dressing appropriately for their climate. Take for instance Cara Loren and her long sleeve shirt. I believe she lives in Colorado. Yep, still cold. Not as cold as here though.

Also Atlantic Pacific has embraced our cold weather and has not yet Spring-ified her wardrobe. Extra points to her for even wearing a coat! Bravo!

Then you have Kendi Everyday who puts on a coat while enjoying 70 degree weather in Dallas. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be wearing a coat in that weather. I guess its all in perspective. I’m visiting my parents in a few weeks in Phoenix and will bring a coat for at night, but not during the day. My husband will be wearing shorts in the 70-80 degree weather.

It Still Feels Like Winter Here

Today I don’t think it got over 35 degrees. Feels very cold. My mind is still on winter outfits. First day of Spring is March 20th this year. My birthday. Many years it falls on my birthday, but rarely do we not have snow on the ground or can go outside without a coat.

Nope. Winter is still here for a few more days and I’m not ready to give it up yet.

I Am Grateful

In looking back on all the winter outfits I wore I am grateful for the amount of clothes I enjoy in my closet.

Some of these winter outfits I love more than others. Although I wore many more than once all of them have a place in my heart.

Here are my favs from this winter. Some are flatlays but all i love and will miss once Spring is upon us.

peplum shirt, black high heel sandals, stripped t-shirt dress, yellow bagpeplum shirt, leopard bag, military army green vest

moto jogger pants, peplum shirt

peplum shirt, how to style peplum shirt, over the knee boots, floral jeans

winter outfit, black leather outfit, fur vest

winter outfit, tan pleated skirt, jcrew skirt, black booties, chanel inspired blazer

winter outfit, tan pleated skirt, black boots,

top winter outfits

green cardigan with sliver scarf

flat lay of outfit

top winter outfits

top winter outfits

top winter outfits

top winter outfits

top winter outfits

top winter outfits

top winter outfits

top winter outfits

top winter outfits

top winter outfits

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