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What to wear on a Mexico vacation

My husband and I are going to Mexico soon. At the moment, I am trying to figure out my Mexico outfits. We are staying at an all inclusive resort and most likely be spending most of the time at the pool or beach.

We wanted to go when we got married as our honeymoon. Had it planned and everything, but a hurricane wiped out that area and we ended up in San Diego at his old bosses vacation townhouse. We have never made it to Mexico. This is sort of our honeymoon we never got. Even though it’s our 9th.

So back to the Mexico outfits.

I am in love with rompers! But, I have a…..volumptuous backend and most rompers I try on give me butt cleveage. If you know what I mean. Even if I wear granny underwear, I have butt cleveage. I was in Target and picked up a couple on sale jean shorts, and swim suits. Always nice when you get that stuff on sale. Bought a couple 2 piece. I haven’t worn a 2 piece swim suit for a number of years. I figure I’m going to be on a romantic vacation with my husband so I’d better step it up and not bring my mom suit.

When the Nordstrom sale was on I went last day and found the cutest romper. Now this romper is very flowy and hides the butt cleveage. Yeah! I also found a cute romper at Loft that looked ok. So there is hope for us women with round back ends. That is my tip btw. Look for rompers that are flowy and not huggy.

I put together a few outfits to show. Some stuff is new, some stuff I’ve had for awhile. I’ll try to mark which are new and where.

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mexico vacation outfit, outfit, summer outfit

mexico vacation outfit, outfit, summer outfit

mexico vacation outfit, outfit, summer outfit

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