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Top Face Masks For 40+ Aging Skin

This is a list of the top face masks for aging skin I have tried lately. I have provided a list of various face masks from sheet to gold masks. I highly recommend all of them especially the ones for moisturizing. The older I get the more I have to emphasize on getting my skin back to the dewy state I use to have when I was younger.

Face masks should be a part of your weekly routine. I put a face mask on about 5 days a week. Using different ones for certain reasons allows me to try different kinds from time to time. Variating the uses can elevate your skin routine and we all know aging skin is complicated.

You should concentrate on toning, moisturizing and retexturing. Toning keeps everything balanced and bright. Moisturizing, well, do i really need to say more about that? Retexturing allows you to shed skins cells when your older skin cannot shed as fast as young skin.


List of Top Face Masks


1. Peter Thomas Roth 24k gold face mask

Claims: to lift and firm and has real gold.

My opinion: This face mask goes on smooth. A tiny bit of tingling. It has the most amazing gold color. You feel like a gold goddess. Ok, maybe not, but is really cool. It has a slight cooling effect. After 5 minutes started feeling a tightening effect. As you can see I’m almost out and need to repurchase.

$$$ Peter Thomas Roth gold mask

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2. Beauty Counter plumping and peony face mask

Claims: To give skin a firm, toned, more youthful, appearance.

My opinion: It goes on smooth. Has a slight smell. Not a fan of the smell, but is so slight you barely notice. Makes my face feel more moisturized.

$$ Beauty Counter plumping mask

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3. Aveda tourmaline radiance face mask

Claims: Refines skin, imparts radiance.

My opinion: For whatever reason, they decided to make this for the spa paid facials only. They don’t sell anymore. But you can still find it on Amazon. This is one of my all time favorite masks. The smell is Devine as with any Aveda products. It does refine the skin, making it more balanced. I feel it also brightens up the skin.

$$$ Aveda Tourmaline mask


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4. Fresh rose face mask

Claims: To moisturize, tone, and smooth the skin.

My opinion: This mask is one of the best masks for older skin. Rose is known to sooth, and it does. It feels cool on the skin. It doesn’t dry like most masks. When you take it off your skin feels really soft and toned. As if your skin was younger (don’t we wish).

$$$ Fresh rose mask

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5. Sesha skin therapy hydro mask

Claims: To moisturize and purify your skin. Soothes and calms the surface of skin.

My opinion: Wow! This mask is a sheet mask I received in my Glossybox. I put this on, then when done I rubbed rest into skin before bed. I woke up next morning and my skin look super dewy. If you have aging dry skin you should try this one. You can save whatever is left in the package and rub on skin the next night as well.

Sesha hydro mask

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