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Fitness journey: Day 1

I am starting this log, well, mainly so I don’t drop off the fitness journey. Most of the fitness gurus say if you post it and keep yourself accountable you will have a greater degree of success.

What i did (or didn’t do)

I woke up late, so no working out in the morning. No surprise there. It would be highly unlikely this would ever happen. I am soooo not a morning person. Deal with it!

I did however do some stretches as my calves were sore. I don’t know why, I dint think I did much of a work out 2 or maybe it was 3 days ago. Anyways, I could barely walk.

Came home from work, nope. Not going to work out then either got to make dinner for the little one.

After dinner, nope again. I had to listen to my little one read to me.

Then i plopped down on the couch for next hour or so.

At about 8:30 I decided i should do something. The only reason was because i wanted to start this fitness log.

15 reps 2 sets:

Total time: 30 min

3 different standing leg lifts

2 different types of squats

Fly’s 5 lb weights


Floor inner thigh lifts

Floor outer thigh lifts

Tricep kickbacks 5 lb weights

Standing backbends (too lazy to do sit-ups)

Bicep curls 5 lb weights

Shoulder raises 5 lb weights


I probably could have used 7.5 lb weights. I haven’t been using 5 lb weights for awhile. Oh well, guess i was extra lazy today.

Fitness thoughts for the day

Let’s be honest, I really don’t have high hopes I’m going to follow thru. But, this is my own personal challenge and I am going to give it a shot.

My fitness history

Here is a little bit about me. I’m 49 years old in so-so shape. This means I can’t keep to any schedule whatsoever. I procrastinate until I forget about it. I get really comfortable on the couch, then proceed to tell myself whatever I’m doing at that minute is nice and I should keep doing it. For some reason, I seem to keep in so-so shape.

The younger me

When I was younger, in my 20’s before kids, I was in pretty good shape. I really didn’t have to work at it. Although, I worked as a waitress and didn’t have to work out. I always wonder what I would have looked like had I worked out on a regular basis. Senior year in high school was the best shape I have ever been in. I was in a dance group and we practiced 5 days a week, plus i was running.

Battling my mindset

Te younger me doesn’t matter except for my mindset. I know my body has the ability to be in shape. Therefore, I should be able to get back to great shape. You know, like those people on YouTube who talk about being extremely over weight and lose hundreds of pounds. I mean really? I don’t have to lose that much so it should be easier for me right? Given I don’t have as much to lose. I’m not comparing or minimizing the efforts of others. I think its a great achievement if you go thru that kind of body reformation. I just think its just as hard when you are in so-so shape and have a little bit to lose, a little bit to tone up.

I’m a perfectionist

Let’s get something clear. I am a perfectionist. Always have been. I analyze the crap out of something and wait until everything is perfect before I can move on. Most of the time, i cannot even start something because the “plan” isn’t perfect enough. This will be a challenge.

My evil inner voice

The second challenge will be my inner voice. I have to ignore that part of me and push on.  I’ll be trying to keep the self-doubt locked at the back of my mind. Already, right now, my voice is talking at me. It’s saying, “Why would anyone care what a 49-year-old thinks about a fitness journey?”, “Who do you think you are? There are other people’s journey that is more meaningful”, “No one will read this”, “This is not going to be interesting enough for anyone to care”. It keeps coming so I’ll have to ignore, ignore, ignore.

Being candid

I’m doing this because I wanted to be honest. To write about something that is honest. Not posts I think people will want to hear, but what I’m really doing. Right now!

This is the first day of my fitness log. I don’t really know how this is going to turn out, but you will hear my honest thoughts going forward.


Here are some videos i found to inspire you on your own fitness journey. I especially love Melody DanceFit. Anytime i can workout without feeling like i’m working out is best. Its an easy one, so if you think its hard going to the gym and following along with Zumba, this will much easier.

Ny Times: How to Start Working Out

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