7 Days In Mexico and outfits for a beach vacation.

Outfits for a beach vacation

A 7 days in Mexico outfit guide for your next vacation and what to pack for a beach vacation. These outfits for a beach vacation will inspire you to go beyond your trusted go to outfits.Whenever I go on vacation I seem to take FOREVER to figure out what to wear. I recently spent 7 days in Mexico and had the best time.

If you are anything like me, you don’t want to get there and not have that perfect pair of shoes or outfits for a beach vacation. My husband doesn’t seem to understand why it takes so long to pack. He just chooses a few pair of shorts and a couple t-shirts and he is done. Not me. I have to have a plan or the whole thing is botched!

Part of my master packing plan is deciding on a color scheme. This makes my life much easier. Selecting no more than 2 colors is ideal. Make sure to select items that can easily mix and match.

Prints are a good option but how you incorporate prints could make or break your packing situation. It’s a good idea to either choose prints on the tops or bottoms. Then coordinate the other half with solids in colors that match one of the colors in the prints.

The outfits below can be worn with of your favorite colors. Another one of my favorites is burnt orange which has a safari feel. Whatever color you choose, have fun with it. Because you should always take your giggly smiling best self on vacation!

Bikini 1 | T-shirt | Shorts | Sunglasses | Tote | Sandals | Hat | Dress | Sandals 2

Flip flops | Skirt | Bikini 2 | Bikini 3 | Tank | White shirt | White shirt 2

Small purse | Necklace

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